About us

At Siid, we believe in helping our customer community of movers, shakers and do-ers get back to doing what they love – achieving their goals and building their empires. With easy-to-integrate post-purchase solutions, we were made to support growing businesses.

We understand SMEs and the challenges they face. That’s why Siid has been built entirely around their needs. It’s our responsibility to support each of them in creating an incredible post-purchase experience that rivals the big brands.

Siid is inspired by our customer’s experiences – and powered by their passion. We’ve listened. We’ve learnt. We’ve made order management and shipping simpler and smarter for a truly deserving community.

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Our story.

Siid is your superhero, ready to defeat the time-thief, break down the fear barrier and help you to build a trusting relationship with your customers. We understand the hard work and busy lives of budding e-tailers – and the effort needed to run the whole operation.

We knew the world needed a solution that would look after the rising stars, the self-made and the go-getters.

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Our mission.

To give our customer community room to breathe. To cut through the noise that turns them away from finding a post-purchase solution and simplify the bafflingly big decision of choosing just one provider.

Siid supports those who might need the most help behind-the-scenes. It’s our job to create a flawless journey that takes their customer all the way from the basket, to the front door.

Our values.

It’s our people that make Siid the driving force behind so many budding e-tailers. We’re in it together. Our focus is supporting our customer collective, as well as supporting each other.



We encourage our customers and people alike to ask any query they have, safe in the knowledge we can provide the right answer – leaving them with a smile on their face and their mind at ease.



We listen to our customer’s needs and we’re always helpful – ready and happy to support until a solution has been found. In these situations, we show urgency, determination and motivation.



We’re quick off the mark. We’re quietly the experts in all things post-purchase. We’re always willing to share knowledge with customers in a way that they can comprehend and enjoy.



We bring the energy. We add a bit of fun wherever possible. We bring joy to the tasks that could frustrate and perplex. After all, we’re passionate people too – just like our customer community.


Our truth.

Inspired by our customers’ energy and commitment, we strive to do things differently.

Meet the team.

Paul Homer Sales Director

After many years working with logistics software, Paul is finally sharing the benefits available to the big corporate guys, with some really passionate people – giving them the support they deserve, making their lives a whole lot easier and helping businesses grow.

"When you can get me to shut up for a second about how awesome our software is, I'm a listening ear for all our customers’ needs and frustrations… So, I can make sure we keep improving our tech, making everything that little bit awesome-er."

Paul Eckersley Product Director

After always working with big brands and high visibility software houses, Paul wanted to work with SMEs and create solutions to help them thrive. He's building use cases and user stories to guide the product strategy for the build and delivery of the MVP/beta solution.

"Do I have to state how long I’ve been doing this - makes me feel older than I think I am. Siid is exciting for me because we are focused on the SME community and how the tech supports them and makes their lives easier, that's our biggest achievement."

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