Why Consistent Brand Presence Is Important For eCommerce Businesses

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Have you ever just seen a shade of colour and immediately had a specific brand in mind? Brands like Spotify or Facebook are very well-known examples. The sole shade of green and blue reminds us of these brands. They don't even need to appear in the same context. The colours are enough. 

Of course, you aren't thinking about listening to music or checking the latest Facebook updates, but the brand itself is right at the forefront of your mind. Just by seeing the colours, you remember these companies. 95% of purchase decisions are subconscious, so even if you don't actively grab your phone right away, you might still later on, solely based on this association you had earlier. 

There are many factors connected to your brand - colour, your logo, or even a jingle. Everybody knows "Washing machines live longer with Calgon". I bet at least 80% of you just sang it in your head. All these brands and their associations are rooted with a consistent brand presence, resulting in strong brand awareness, but what really is a consistent brand presence? 

It includes lots of different approaches that play a role in painting a clear picture of your brand and what it stands for. The most obvious ones are the graphical elements such as thelogo and colours that build a brand, but also your tone of voice and your brands values. Showing them off continuously across all your channels alone has a significant impact on people recognising your brand. The more often they see it, the more it gets stuck in their mind. 

Being recognisable for the customer is only good when they connect positive feelings and experiences with the brand. People tell an average of 9 people about a positive experience with a brand, but an average of 16 people about a negative one. If your brand is recognisable but associated with lousy service or a harmful environmental impact, this recognition turns into bad attention. Not all press is good press.

Having a recognisable brand does have downsides in that sense, but the advantages stronglyoutweigh these. 

Advantages of a

consistent brand presence

Even though the risk of having a bad reputation might sound scary, you can evoke positive emotions about your brand yourself by just communicating these positive messages to your customers. With a little bit of persistence, they are the first thing that come to mind when seeing your brand somewhere.

With a good reputation comes trust, and trust is one of the main drivers for sales. When buying from a company, you expect a seamless process. Nobody wants to take a risk when online shopping. That's what makes trust so important. 

To put it in an example: 

If you are looking for a new toaster, and two different companies sell the same toaster, you would go for the company you have heard of before. The company you know. 

If the company is not just one you recognise, but one you properly trust, you would even buy it from this company if it would be more expensive than the other one. In fact, you might not even find the toaster on the other company's page, because you didn't check theirs. You just went straight to your trusted business' homepage. Trust and loyalty are deeply connected. The more trusted your brand is, the more often your customers are coming back. Loyal customers are the most valuable customers you could wish for. They don't only love the product enough to buy from you again, but they also might tell people about their purchase and become an ambassador for your brand. 

Trust is even more important for B2B businesses. Here you don't necessarily sell to a consumer of the product, but another company. They may try to sell this item and if the item they have received is a faulty item, their reputation is on the line. Therefore, as most B2B business is driven on trust and word of mouth marketing, who would recommend a brand they don't trust themselves? 

A trusted company is a successful company. Not only in this regard is a consistent brand presence helpful in separating you from your competitors but it also helps with getting new customers as well. You've got to think, with brand consistency comes brand recognition, trust, and positive emotion. All these things don't only attract recurring customers but also new ones. 

How can you achieve a consistent brand presence?

Your logo and colours are the most prominent part of your branding. Keeping them visible throughout the customer journey is part of a consistent brand presence, but what happens afterwards? The most important questions about whether the customer likes the product are answered only after receiving their package. It could be hours, if not days, after a customer decides on whether they like a certain product or not from your website. All the efforts to keep the brand message consistent aren't going to be as effective, if you can’t interact with your customers post-purchase.

Siid’s branded tracking page allows you to showcase your brand at every touchpoint of the post-purchase journey. With Siid, you can make sure that your branding efforts on your website are replicated at the customer's doorstep, through a seamless post-purchase experience. With Siids order management software, you can process orders quick and easy, then ship them using the best rates, whilst also providing your customer with a branded tracking experience. Combine the excitement of checking the order tracking and having a professional post-purchase process, with your brand in the forefront.

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