Branded Tracking

Not just your average tracking page

Give your customers a branded tracking experience.

branded tracking page
coral-bg-rectangle background-line branded tracking page
small business owner chatting with loyal customer small Business owner chatting with customer

Brand loyalty

The better the service and the more familiar a customer is with your brand, the higher the perceived customer value. With Siid, you give your customers an outstanding post-purchase experience to remember with your brand showcasing throughout, thanks to your branded tracking page. 

Opportunities for repeat purchase behaviour

Establishing long-lasting customer relationships with your branded tracking page benefits your brands reputation, your customers ambassadorship, your brand recognition and awareness, but also reduces your customers acquisition costs . This gives you new opportunities for marketing to push your brand further. 

loyal customer checking their tracking page
customer happily ordering from a small business

Customer recognising the brand 

A tracking page like no other. Stand out from the competition. With Siid's branded delivery communications features, you can show off your brand even after the purchase. 

square_right line_2 branded tracking configuration page
branded tracking configuration

The power of colour

Colours improve your brand recognition by 80%. So next time a customer sees the same shade of blue shoe that your business uses, they might think of you.


Add your logo and company name

Logos are the most recognisable brand identifier. make your customer aware of who they ordered from, so they can easily order again.

loyal customers

Stay in contact

Connect with your customers on a deeper level by adding your social media channels to the page. 68% of consumers agree, that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies.

Maintain your brand throughout the whole customer journey

Having a customer that trusts your brand is one of the best compliments your brand can receive, yet it is so easy to achieve. 

With a consistent brand you don't only build confidence with your audience but also enhances brand awareness. Your branded tracking page doesn't sit outside of the services you provide - more the opposite. It is the last point of which you can market to your customers before the product arrives. 

customer receiving their order
customer receiving their order
making tracking linkAsset 9 generating a tracking link
the generated tracking link

Keep customers informed 

Transparency enhances trust.

Allowing your customers to stay updated throughout the post-purchase process is a crucial part of gaining this trust. 74% of shoppers feel more comfortable ordering online when they can track their product's journey.

Key features and benefits shape

An outstanding branded tracking experience you don't want to miss.

Besides the obvious advantages of informing customers about their order status, Siid's branded tracking page boosts your business in more than just one way.

Increase brand loyalty by showcasing your brand throughout the post-purchase process.

Reduce your customer acquisition costs by achieving higher brand recognition and awareness.

Built confidence with your audience by having a consistent brand presence.

See how Siid transforms your order management.

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