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Order Management Software

Top features in one platform to manage your orders quick, easy and simple.

synch orders with one click
coral-bg-rectangle background-line synching orders with one click
small business owner managing her orders with ease small business owner managing her orders with ease

Integrated Management

Save time and reduce the number of errors, by having all of your orders in one place. Hopping from platform to platform is a thing of the past. Connect your stores and marketplaces within just a few clicks using Siid!

Sync all your orders with one click!  

No matter what platformorders are from, have them all loaded in Siid with all the information you need, ready for processing.


Include all significant eCommerce platforms

Add your ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. With Integrations like BigCommerce, Amazon or Shopify, Siid's software has it all under control. Have a look at our Integrations page our Integrations page to see them all.

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Know your customers

Have all the essential information you need for all of your customers. Every order is synchronised into the platofrm, so you have all the crucial information required for every order.

all the customers information in an order
right coral square all the customers information in an order
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create order manually

Include ALL your orders

Do some of your regular customers call instead of buying online? Or maybe you have a massive order from Instagram that you don't want to miss out on?

Capture every order that comes your way, no matter where it comes from. Just add it manually into Siid.

Made for Small Businesses Ready To Grow

Siid was built on giving small businesses the support they need, that only big corporations can usually afford. No matter if you have 5 orders or 5000, Siid grows with you.

We have plans for small businesses with fewer orders and thriving businesses that require a more tailored plan that scales with them. This way, we ensure that every business has the functionality they need at an affordable price.

small business owner opening their shop
small business owner opening their shop

Delivery communication even before the delivery? 

The suspense after purchasing an item from a small business can be immense. Give your customers an update, to let them know how their order is progressing.

right-squiggle little_square@3x customer phonebook Siid
customer phonebook

Complete transparency

Once you've pulled an order into Siid, you can message the buyer. Provide them with updates or possible delays. Solve WISMO calls before they are even begin.


Save Contacts Of Your Customers in Siid

Adding your customer to your Siid phonebook allows you to identify recurring customers and stay connected with them even after the purchase.

Status updates made simple


Make sure the whole team stays updated, with batch status updates. Reduce the number of errors, speed up processing and revise your order statistics within your dashboard. Drastically reduce the most common mistake of double dispatching, using filters.

small business owner standing in their warehouse
small business owner in their warehouse
line-with-green-circle filter your orders
filter your orders

Find the correct order right away


Order number, name, place, price or status are all filter options to help you find the order you're looking for, as fast as possible.

Run out of an item thats just been ordered? No problem, just put the order status on hold, and as soon as the item is back in stock, the order is ready and waiting for you to process it.

Key features and benefits shape

Make your order management process as efficient and easy as possible.

From the moment of clicking order, Siid is there to support you in every stage of your order management with features made especially for SME's ready to take their business to the next level.

Filter and change the order status whenever and however you like, giving your team members full visibility throughout the process.

By adding all your marketplaces, you can simply sync all of your orders with just one click.

Solve WISMO calls before they happen. Siid gives you the opportunity to simply message the buyer at every stage of their post-purchase journey.

See how Siid transforms your order management.

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