Shopify Integration.

Connect Shopify seamlessly with Siid.

Save time and reduce manual errors across your order, shipping and returns process with our Shopify-integrated tech.

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A simple solution for smarter Shopify selling.

With Shopify, anyone to set up their own online store in minutes. Whether you’re a go-getter selling artisan bath bombs on social media or an established brand looking for a smooth ecommerce experience, Shopify is a popular choice for ecommerce platforms.

But when it comes to shipping, this aspect of ecommerce can be surprisingly time-consuming. That’s where our Shopify integration can help.

Manage all your Shopify orders, shipping and returns in one place.

Siid’s intuitive software makes running and growing your business on this world-leading platform simple.

Manage your orders, shipping and returns all in one place without having to flit between multiple platforms to perform tasks. With Siid, you can do it all on one beautifully designed and integrated interface.

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How it works

How Siid transforms selling, shipping and returns on the Shopify platform.

Sync your Shopify account to Siid in less than five minutes

Delight customers, reduce basket quitters and increase conversions by offering more delivery options

Shave precious time off picking and packing with automatically imported information such as addresses, shipping preferences and packaging specs

Speed up label printing with standardised 4 x 6-inch parcel labels and the option for A4 printing – no need for thermal label printers

Turn shipping updates into marketing opportunities with branded tracking messages

Sell products on a range of online marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay) and social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) with ease via our Shopify integration

Ensure secure transactions with secure APIs

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Once you try Siid’s shipping management software, you’ll never look at your order, delivery and return processes in the same way again. Ask for a demo today to get started with Siid.