Order Management Software

Stay on top of every order with Siid.

One glorious view of all your orders.

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Never miss an order again.

Siid brings every order from all your ecommerce platforms, and marketplaces into one place, so you have complete visibility. And it’s fully automated. Create your own rules and watch orders sail through the process with ease.

With Siid, you save heaps of time and effort, minimise mistakes, delight customers, and get to focus more on the important stuff – building your business.

Forget the hassle of hopping from website to website.

Siid enables you to see everything on the same platform. It makes order management so much simpler, smarter, and faster.


Integrated management.

Find and manage orders easily by having all your marketplaces sat with Siid.


Ready-to-use alerts.

Know what to do, when, and reduce errors with reminders for dispatch, combining orders, and more.


Automated processes.

Speed things up and save manual work by automating carrier allocation and label printing.

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Super simple speedy set up.

You don’t need any tech skills or coding know-how to get going with Siid. Everything’s fully integrated in just a few clicks. You’ll be up and running faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee.


Scales to your business size.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working from a spare room or a buzzing warehouse. Siid is fully scalable and plugs into your business at any point on your empire-building journey.

A full set of fantastic features.

We built our software with your challenges in mind. That’s why it has every tool and feature you need to make order management as effortless as possible.

Combine orders into a single delivery.

Split single orders into multiple deliveries.

Filter orders by specific criteria.

Wherever you sell, Siid slots in.

Siid integrates seamlessly with an enormous – and ever-growing – list of marketplaces and shopping carts.

See how Siid makes order management simpler, smarter, and faster.

Want to see our order management software in action? Get in touch to arrange your free demo today.