Shipping Management Software

Simplify your shipping with Siid.

Access top rates and optimise shipping management.

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Never miss an order again.

Siid brings every order from all your ecommerce platforms and marketplaces into one place, so you have complete visibility. And it’s fully automated. Create your own rules and watch orders sail through the process with ease.

With Siid, you save heaps of time and effort, minimise mistakes, delight customers, and get to focus more on the important stuff – building your business.

Get the best rates and send right away.

You don’t waste any time setting up contracts with Siid. Choose from our comptitive pre-negotiated rates and start shipping in just a few clicks.

Already got great rates? Plug your contracts into ours for the best of both. You always get the cheapest option.


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Simpler shipping in a single platform.

With Siid at your side, you save tonnes of time, effort, and costs. It’s super speedy to deploy, brings all your shipping activity into one place, and automates arduous tasks.


More choice at the checkout.

No more basket-quitters. Integrate your service points and offer more delivery options.


Label formats at your fingertips

Print the right labels for the right carriers in a click.


Automated international shipping documents

Grow globally with ease with pre-filled forms for international customs.

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multi labels

Batch printing of multi-order labels.

Speed things up and save manual work by automating carrier allocation and label printing.

international shipping

Automated international shipping documents.

Grow globally with ease with pre-filled forms for international customs.

Whoever’s delivering, Siid slots in.

Siid integrates seamlessly with an enormous – and ever-growing – list of delivery partners.

See how you can save time and money with Siid.

Want to see our shipping management software in action? Get in touch to arrange your free demo today.